Heating Systems


TiSUN is a real ‘Tyrolean’ and has been developing, producing and distributing high-quality solar collectors and stratified tanks, which withstand extreme climatic conditions, for the last 25 years. Innovative cutting edge technology, superior quality and an outstanding distribution and service network have brought TiSUN remarkable growth rates over many years.

TiSUN exports approximately 80% of its production – a growing trend. TiSUN and its partners aim to make the heat supply and backup heating independent from fixed energy resources.


TiSUN’s prospects for the future are global. The management body is represented in the leading bodies in the solar power industry. Their professed objective is a sustainable EU policy. By 2020, approx. one fifth of Europe’s energy demand should be met using solar energy. International trade fair appearances, for example in Frankfurt, Abu Dhabi and Moscow, will launch the TiSUN brand far beyond the Austrian borders. The company’s commitment is dedicated towards convincing the world of the possibilities offered by an endless source of energy: our sun.

Thermosiphon system


Thermosiphon systems are systems for producing heat from solar energy operating on the thermosiphon principle. The thermosiphon is a passive design, which allows heat transfer using natural convection ideally in a vertical, closed fluid loop. The advantage is that it avoids using a conventional pump, which keeps the complexity and costs of a thermosiphon system low. The thermosiphon system is available in three designs. They are characterised by high-selectivity coated harp absorbers and tank sizes perfectly coordinated with the system, together with unique charging properties. All necessary pipes, fittings and frost protection are included with delivery.

Area of use
  • Parallel roof and free-standing installation


PC PRO-CLEAN® Stratified tank

PC – Pro-Clean stratified tank with spherical exchanger connection

High-quality, multifinctional stratified tank made of steel (S 235 JR) for hot-water operation and domestic hot water preparation with a solar system. Stratified solar charging is via an external spherical exchanger. The tank has an integrated corrugated stainless-steel pipe in which the water is heated using the hygienic continuous heating process. All necessary connections are at hand; includes 2x 2" sleeves for electric screw-in heating elements. The tank stands on a stand ring. The spherical exchanger and the polyester fibre fleece insulation must be ordered separately (compare Accessories).

Area of use
  • Water heating and heating operation with a solar system for single-family and semi-detached houses or projects.

Product benefits
  • Simple functional concept without complicated technology or supplementary electrical energy (gravity circulation principle)
  • Backup heating from all common systems possible
  • Inflow absorbers prevent the layers in the tank from mixing – especially during heat pump operation
  • Hygienic water heating due to a special corrugated stainless-steel pipe1 (DN 40, 1.4404)
  • 5 temperature measuring points (sensor pockets) for each of three temperature sensors on the tank
  • Access flange DN 200 from 1500 litres
  • Prepared for use with 2 electric screw-in heating elements (photovoltaic feed-in)


PFM module collector

The Plug & Flow module collector (= PFM): The next generation

Flexible to install and use, the PFM is the ultimate benchmark, thanks to the new TiSUN collector mounting concept, based on the proven frame construction, and its aesthetic appeal. The collector is distinguished by its state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and optimised product features (e.g. reduced design height, waterproof frame construction – thanks to CMT welding and panel bonding). The new connection technology and availability in 6 formats make the PFM ideal for nearly all application scenarios. By means of a new hydraulic connection system, up to 10 collectors can (depending on the format) be interconnected within a field.

Area of use
  • In-roof mounting
  • On-roof mounting
  • Freestanding


Solar control units

Simplex solar control unit

Solar control unit for small to mid-sized solar and heating systems with outputs and inputs for heat quantity meters (volume measuring instrument required), web-connected (module required), as well as actuation of high-efficiency pumps. 10 pre-configured systems available. Numerous functions such as drainback, thermal disinfection and blocking protection can be connected. 2 additional micro buttons for fast access to manual mode and holiday function. Integrated multi-coloured control LED for differentiated message-display of various system conditions. Automatic function check as per VDI guideline 2169.

  • 4 inputs for temperature sensors Pt1000, Pt500 or KTY
  • 1 pulse input for V40
  • 2 PWM outputs for speed-controlled actuation of high-efficiency pumps
  • Can be connected to the web (module required)
  • 10 pre-configured basic systems selectable
  • Automatic function check as per VDI 2169

Further informations
  • 3 relay outputs (incl. 1 floating low-voltage relay)
  • 4 inputs for temperature sensors Pt1000, Pt500 or KTY
  • 1 pulse input for V40