SOLAR Lights

Garden/Gate LIGHTS

We present an enduring collection ofsolar garden lights, widely used in various industrial units. Our solar powered garden lights are available in two types. Our solar garden lights can work for two days for non-shine days. Moreover, we make our products customized according to the requirement of our customers. Manufactured from superior quality mild steel they exhibit impressive performance and require barest minimum maintenance. The main aspect of our outdoor solar garden lights is that it switches on automatically at dusk and switches off at dawn. High illumination and wireless tendency has together makes us as one of the paramount solar garden lights manufacturers.

Garden Light

  • Garden Light Body: AL construction duly powder coated mild steel
  • Pole: Also MS Powder coated
  • LED: 2,0.75 w UHB led
  • Panel : 2 Watt
  • Battery : (AA,Ni-Mh2200MAh,3.6 V) Lumens 50-60
  • Total Height : 23.6 inch
  • Pole Height : 2 ft
  • Back Up : 6 hrs

King Size Garden Light

  • High quality M.S. construction duly powder coated.
  • Easy to install, no wiring required.
  • Ultra bright 12 white LED with 100,000 hours life expectancy. lumen output:1200 lux.
  • Premium quality crystalline solar module (>5 Wp).
  • Automatically switches on the light at dusk and Switches OFF at Dawn.
  • High capacity Lead Acid sealed maintenance free, Two 6 v,4 AH batteries.
  • Two days autonomy for non-sunshine days.
  • Panel = 5 Watt
  • Storage Battery = 2*6V,4Ah
  • Power of light source /no. of leds = 8 leds 0.25w 65000 mod each
  • Working hours = Dusk to dawn
  • Material = Powder coated MS
  • Height = 3.5 ft

Wall Mount Garden Lights

  • Solar Panel : 0.36 watt
  • Battery : 1200 mA, Ni-Mh 1.2 V
  • Back up : 6-8 hrs
  • 6 led’s. 4 white and 2 multicolored. 2options, white light and blinking colored light.