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Avika Energy Systems is Dehradun based company providing solar products and services. The name “Avika” means “Rays of Sun”. Sun is the ultimate source of Energy to every leaving being in the world. We provide all the energy related to needs of people. We are the Supplier and Wholesaler of Solar Products such as Water Heating System(Tisun), Central Heating System, Solar Inverter and UPS, Solar Garden Lights, Solar Street Lights, Solar Lantern, Electric Radiators and many more. Avika Energy Systems caters all energy related to the needs people being it a small house or a big industrial project. We provide complete hot water solutions for all Luxury Homes, Apartments, Hotels, Resorts, Guest-Houses, Marriage Halls, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hostels, Solar Products for Smart City, College & Schools and all industries as per the states solar policy. To be more specific we provide Water Heating solution with worlds best TiSun Solar Water Heater, central room heating system from Euro-Therm.


Avika Energy Systems provide Home Lighting Systems, Solar Inverters, Solar Power Generation Plants for a variety of uses. We also deal in supply and service of solar lanterns, solar Street Lights, Garden Lights, Solar Panels, Solar Batteries etc. The Tisun Solar water we supply has dynamic culture of innovation, compliance with the most stringent of quality criteria in all product groups and exemplary environmental friendliness, customer service and ease of maintenance were decisive factors in winning the jury over. In addition to national accreditation and certifications, since 2007 all serially produced TiSUN collectors have been awarded the Solar Keymark, the standard certificate of quality acknowledged throughout Europe. Our Tisun Solar Water Heater Systems are of best quality and mostly preferred by high income citizens, instead we give you these water heater in affordable rates so that anybody can afford it and take the advantage of these solar water Heaters.

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